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What Happens When You Use CBD Gummies To Relieve Pain?

Millions of people suffer from some type of pain. It may be chronic or acute, caused by an injury or related to an illness. CBD is touted as an all-natural way to get relief, and even better, it comes in several forms, so it’s easy to use for everyone. But do CBD gummies for pain work?

Pain is a sensation that we are all familiar with. It’s a vital sensation. Pain is what notifies you when something is wrong – such as an illness or when you’re hurt. This uncomfortable sensation lets you know when to pay attention to your body and prevents you from causing further damage to your body.

However, pain becomes a nuisance when it doesn’t go away, even when the cause has been resolved. According to the CDC, an estimated 20.4% of US adults or more than 50 million people suffer from chronic pain, with about 19.6 million adults having high impact chronic pain.

Many people turn to painkillers such as NSAIDs and opiates, which may cause more harm than good when used in the long term. This is where CBD comes in. 

In this article, we take a look at how to use CBD gummies for pain.

photo of man showing signs of back pain. cbd gummies for pain

What Are CBD Gummies for Pain Management?

Gummies have been a tasty way of delivering supplements and drugs for several decades now. But since hemp became legal in the United States, they are now one of the most preferred ways of taking CBD. But what exactly are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are sweet, chewy candies infused with cannabidiol or CBD to provide its famed health and wellness benefits. CBD gummies, just like regular candies, are available in various flavors, colors, and shapes.

CBD or cannabidiol in full is one of the 100+ phytocannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant. In the US, most CBD products use an extract from hemp – a variety of cannabis with very low THC levels and high CBD concentration.

CBD is the primary non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid in hemp. Meaning it can provide the same health and wellness benefits without the overbearing or intoxicating effects of THC. 

Three types of CBD extract can be infused in gummies – full-spectrum extract, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. Each type of CBD has its pros and cons.

Full-spectrum CBD gummies also contain a variety of other cannabinoids and plant compounds that may provide additional benefits. But on the downside, full-spectrum CBD also contains traces of THC. 

Broad-spectrum contains all the cannabinoids and nutrients in full-spectrum, but it’s stripped of all THC content. This means you can experience all the benefits of the hemp plant without the THC. CBD isolate is pure concentrated CBD.

Relief Naturals products are formulated using high-quality THC-free extracts that help you experience the full benefits of the hemp plant without uncomfortable side effects.

But are CBD gummies for pain management effective?

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Do CBD Gummy Bears Work for Pain?

Are CBD gummies effective for pain? Current research and anecdotal reports suggest that CBD can offer an alternative for people who suffer from chronic pain. However, no CBD product has been approved by the FDA as a treatment for pain.

People, however, have embraced CBD as their go-to natural pain reliever. A 2019 Gallup poll found that 14% of Americans use CBD products. Over 40% of the respondents said they use CBD products for pain relief, with another 13% using it for pain-related conditions such as arthritis and migraines/headaches.

Cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC work by binding to the endocannabinoid receptors of the ECS. The ECS is a system in mammals that is responsible for maintaining chemical balance in the body. It does so by controlling sleep, pain perception, immune response, memory, sleep, among other critical bodily functions.

CBD doesn’t readily bind with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the ECS. Research shows that it may suppress pain by interacting with neurological receptors or elevating the endocannabinoid anandamide (AEA) levels to reduce pain. 

But will using CBD gummies for pain relief soothe some of the common conditions?

Do CBD Gummy’s Help with Arthritis Pain?

The CDC reports that over 23% of adults in the United States have arthritis, with over 1 in 4 patients reporting severe joint pain. But can CBD gummies help with arthritis pain? 

The Arthritis Foundation reports that animal studies suggest that CBD may have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits for arthritis. Anecdotally, some of the patients with arthritis who have taken CBD report noticeable pain relief.

One animal study looking at CBD use in a rat model of arthritis found cannabidiol reduced inflammation and overall pain in the joints. It’s important to note that the researchers used topical application, but oral administration may achieve the same results.

The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects of CBD gummies could potentially help people with chronic pain. However, more studies on humans are needed.

image of man with arthritis pain in his wrist. cbd gummies for pain management

Will CBD Gummies Work for Chronic Pain?

One study published in 2018 investigated cannabidiol’s pain relief properties in seven patients who had developed chronic pain after kidney transplants. Six of the seven participants experienced significant improvements in pain.

The researchers also noted that CBD was well tolerated and had no adverse effects.

Another 2018 review looking at studies conducted between 1975 and 2018 found that CBD was effective in overall chronic pain management. 

mature woman with signs of neck pain. Are cbd gummies effective for pain?

How To Use Gummies for Pain?

CBD edibles are easy to administer. All you have to do is pop one or two gummies into your mouth and enjoy the flavors as you wait for the relief. You, however, have to calculate your dosage first before taking them.

CBD gummies are convenient. You can take them anywhere and anytime you need relief. But how many CBD gummies for back pain should you take?

image of woman eating cbd gummies for relief. Do cbd gummy bears help with arthritis pain?

How many CBD Gummy Bears Should You Take for Pain Relief?

Although CBD gummies are easy to dose, there is no predetermined universal dosage for pain relief. This means you have to work out the amount that best fits your needs. Optimal CBD gummy dosage is dependent on several individualized factors. They include:

  • Bodyweight – People with lighter body weight don’t need as much CBD dosage.
  • Concentration of the product (potency) – The potency of gummies changes from product to product, the more concentrated a product is, the less you should take.
  • Metabolism rate – People with faster metabolism get rid of CBD quickly.
  • Level of relief you need – How much pain are you experiencing? If you have severe pain, you may need more CBD than someone with mild discomfort.

The best way to know how many CBD gummies you should take is to start small. Take one or half a gummy, if you don’t find the relief you are looking for, increase the dosage gradually until you get the optimal benefits with no side effects. 

CBD gummies take between 15 minutes to 45 minutes for you to feel the effects because the CBD has to go through the digestion process and is exposed to the first pass effect – where it’s further broken down by the liver, which takes more time.

Once the effects start kicking, they can last for up to 6 hours.

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The Best Gummies for Pain

Relief Naturals Vegan Hemp Gummies 300mg

Get quick and discreet pain relief with our delightfully fruity CBD gummies. They are made using high-quality hemp sourced from federally registered farms in the USA. Our CBD is lab tested for potency and safety and mixed with vegan ingredients to create berry soft, berry chewable, and berry CBD gummies.

Our gummies contain 300mg CBD per jar and 10mg per gummy. You don’t have to worry about dosing as the gummies contain an exact amount of CBD for consistent results.

These THC-free gummies for pain are available at the Relief Naturals web store. Get one now and experience the healing power of CBD.

Best CBD Gummies for pain

Taking The First Step Against Pain

CBD gummies are an easy, convenient and tasty way of delivering cannabidiol into your system. They are also discreet and can therefore be used anywhere and anytime you need relief. 

Research and anecdotal reports suggest that CBD could be a natural alternative for people living with chronic pain. However, to enjoy the full benefits of the hemp plant, you have to use the best CBD gummies in the market.

Rely Naturals CBD gummies are vegan friendly, THC-free, and are lab-tested to ensure maximum effectiveness, purity, and safety. Even better, Relief Naturals provides excellent customer service and faster shipping times. Click here to experience the healing benefits of CBD!