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CBD Softgels Or CBD Tincture – What’s Best For Your Needs?

When researching the type of CBD you should take, you will probably find yourself wondering which is more effective, CBD soft gels or CBD tincture? In this article, we take a deep dive into the two types of CBD to help you decide which is better for your lifestyle.

CBD, or cannabidiol in full, is one of the hundreds of cannabis compounds found in the hemp plant. Since the 2018 farm bill legalized hemp and its derivatives, CBD has become the go-to natural alternative for people looking for relief or managing different conditions. 

Hemp extracts are now available in various products, from topicals, tinctures, edibles, to capsules. But is one type of CBD more effective than the other? Here is a guide on CBD soft gels vs. CBD tinctures.

image of CBD softgels and CBD tincture. which is more effective cbd soft gels or cbd tinture?

What is a CBD Tincture?

CBD oil tinctures are arguably the most common CBD products on the market today. Tinctures have been used to deliver cannabis as a remedy for centuries, but they are also used to administer other compounds or medicines. 

The terms “CBD tincture” and “CBD oil” are often used interchangeably, although they have different meanings. CBD oil tincture is a product made by soaking hemp in alcohol, while CBD oil refers to CBD suspended in a carrier oil such as MCT, hemp oil, or olive oil.

CBD oil tinctures are available in three types, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate oil. Full-spectrum CBD tinctures contain all the cannabinoids, including 0.3% or less THC, terpenes, and other compounds. Broad-spectrum oil has all the compounds except THC, while CBD isolate oil contains only one cannabinoid – CBD.

photo of CBD tincture. what is cbd tincture?

What is a CBD Softgel?

A soft gel is a one-piece capsule usually made from gelatin mixed with sorbitol and glycerin. Softgels usually encapsulate CBD oil and open in the stomach. This ensures the cannabinoids are delivered directly to the digestive system for absorption.

The extract in the CBD oil soft gels is obtained from the hemp plant. But instead of being packaged in bottles as a tincture, the extract is packed into a soft gel capsule. The extract may be combined with carriers to help your body absorb CBD oil. 

But are soft gels more effective than tinctures?

woman pouring CBD sof gels in to her hand. Buy cbd oil softgels online.

Which is More Effective Between CBD Soft gels and CBD Tincture?

CBD tinctures and CBD soft gels are two different delivery methods used to deliver CBD into the bloodstream. But despite their differences, they share many of the benefits and may even be used for the same purposes. 

The purpose of the delivery methods – i.e., CBD soft gels, tinctures, edibles, or topicals is to transport the cannabinoid into the body where it can be absorbed and interact with the cannabinoid receptors of the ECS. But in our quest to find out which is more effective, CBD soft gels or CBD tincture, we find that’s just about where the similarities end.

CBD soft gels come in capsule form, which means they have to be swallowed whole. Once ingested, the soft gels follow the digestive tract into the stomach, where the gelatin capsules are digested and dissolved, releasing CBD and other ingredients. 

CBD in soft gels is then absorbed in the stomach lining, it’s also exposed to the first-pass effect where the liver breaks it down. This means you will still get the benefits of CBD, but the results may take a little bit longer to kick in.

CBD tinctures, on the other hand, can be taken in two ways – you can administer the CBD oil tincture sublingually (below the tongue), or you can ingest it and it follows the same process as the CBD soft gels, where it’s absorbed in the stomach.

The sublingual application method is what makes all the difference. You apply a few drops of the tincture under your tongue and hold for up to 60 seconds before swallowing. Because of the high network of blood capillaries in the oral mucosa, the CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and the first-pass effect.

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But are CBD Softgels More Effective Than CBD Tincture?

CBD tinctures may deliver effects faster than CBD soft gels can. But this doesn’t mean that you will get more benefits or that they will last longer. 

If you’re using CBD soft gels, researchers note that the bioavailability of CBD can increase up to four times if they are taken alongside a high fat/high-calorie meal instead of an empty stomach. 

Technology has also tremendously improved the effectiveness of CBD soft gels. Some of the newer products, such as these Relief Naturals Premium Hemp Soft gels, are made using water-soluble nanoemulsion technology, making them up to 200% more bioavailable than CBD oil.

CBD tinctures may be more effective for conditions that need quick relief, such as pain and inflammation, while CBD soft gels may be more appropriate for conditions that can benefit from the slowly released CBD but with more long-lasting effects, such as sleep and anxiety.

woman sleeping in bed. How to take cbd softgels.

Advantages of CBD Softgels over CBD Tincture

  • They have no taste
  • Precise dosing
  • It can be used discreetly
  • They are not messy to use 
  • Easy to use and very convenient for use on the go.


  • They take longer for the effects to kick in
  • Less versatile

Advantages of CBD Tinctures Over CBD Softgels

  • Delivers effects faster than soft gels and edibles
  • Versatile – can be used in various ways. You can add some into your morning mug of coffee, make a supercharged smoothie or add some to edibles.
  • Variable dosage means you can experiment to find the amount that works best for you.
  • It can be flavored to make it more palatable


  • Dosage may not be consistent
  • Messier than using softgels

How to Take CBD Softgels

Softgels are easy to consume- all you have to do is pop one into your mouth and swallow. You may use water to make the process easier. 

adult woman taking a cbd softgel

Where to Buy CBD Softgels

CBD is everywhere. You can find it in local and online stores. But to ensure you get the best quality, it’s better to shop online where you can compare different products and brands as well as have the opportunity to go through user reviews.

Here are some of the best products in the market:

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Relief Naturals CBD Softgels 25mg

Looking for fast relief? Our CBD soft gels are made using water-soluble nanoemulsion technology, making them 200% more bioavailable than CBD oils. This means you can expect benefits in minutes.

Each soft gel delivers an exact 25mg dose for consistent results. Our soft-gels are small, scent-free, and easy to swallow.

photo of Relief Naturals CBD Softgels 25mg for sale

Relief Naturals Tincture Mint 225mg

This phytocannabinoid-rich CBD tincture is developed from the finest organic hemp in the USA and is lab-tested twice to ensure it’s potent, high quality, and safe for consumption.

This tincture mint has zero THC, chlorophyll, wax and alcohol. It’s available in mint flavor. Pick up this fantastic tincture and enjoy the relaxing benefits of hemp today. 

mint cbd tincture for sale. Relief Naturals Tincture Mint 225mg

Determining Whether CBD Softgels or Tinctures Are Right for You

Both CBD soft gels and tinctures have their pros and cons, but it’s up to you to decide which best fits your lifestyle. 

CBD soft gels are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. They are easy to take, deliver long-lasting benefits, and each carries a precise amount of CBD. On the other hand, CBD tinctures provide fast relief and can be used in various ways, including infusing CBD with beverages and edibles.

If you feel soft gels are a better fit for your lifestyle, check out our premium hemp soft gels formulated to be more effective. If you like tinctures better, we have just the product for you – our phytocannabinoid-rich mint-flavored tincture 225mg.

Both soft gels and tinctures have a place in your wellness routine. No matter what product you choose, always have quality and safety as your top priorities. Feel free to check out our high-quality oils and soft gel range to enjoy the natural benefits of hemp.